Preserve The New Look Of Shoes And Leather!

You Can Preserve the New Look of Shoes and Leather Goods!

You Can Preserve the New Look of Your New Shoes and Leather Accessories and Keep Them Clean and Looking New with SKUFF!

When you buy a new pair of shoes, do they ever stay that way?  There’s only two ways they do: if you spend a lot of time, effort, and money keeping them that way or by using SKUFF.

New shoes never stay new for long.  It’s because as soon as you wear them something happens.  It’s either you spill a drink on your shoes, bump them against a wall or the curb, or someone steps on your toes.  No matter what happens, your shoes end up losing that “new look” that you wanted to last.  The only way to keep your shoes clean and looking new is to take the time to clean and care for them – on an almost daily basis – or to preserve them in their condition using SKUFF.

SKUFF is a clear protective finish for shoes and leather that protects from scuff marks and stains, repels water and dirt, and can even add a long lasting shine – so you’re shoes look new for longer!

The only way to keep your shoes looking new without caring for them is to preserve them using a clear protective finish.  SKUFF’s the first of it’s kind – it’s a tough, flexible, and virtually invisible finish that you can apply over shoes to preserve their condition.  You apply it using SKUFF applicators and it dries to form a clear protective “skin” over shoes.  Think of it like this: you preserve the paint job of your car by applying a clear coat over it, right?  Well, SKUFF is that clear coat – except it’s designed to work on shoes.


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