How to Keep Shoes Clean and Looking New!

I’ve condensed my knowledge of shoe care into the following paragraphs – everything from “breaking out the toothbrush” to cleaning and applying a glossy sheen to your shoes – with a little help from the right references, of course. So, please enjoy my summary of cleaning and caring for your shoes.In a nutshell, you’ve got two options: keep cleaning your shoes or protect them from getting dirty in the first place.

When it comes to keeping shoes clean, you’ve got stuff like cleaners, sponges, detergent markers, and all the cleaning accessories you can buy! Once you’ve got them, that’s where the real work starts – using all of them in a daily shoe cleaning regimen. Oh, I’m feeling nostalgic…

Then, there’s the alternative: protect shoes from water, dirt, stains, and even scuffs to proactively keep them clean. After trying both, this is what I recommend. Really, there are two ways to do this: apply a protectant (silicone and “nanoparticles”) spray or apply a protective finish to shoes.

Protectant or protector sprays for shoes have been around a while, providing shoe connoisseurs an outlet for their need to protect shoes – yet, not really providing the needed “protection” they long for. The most I’ve ever seen from a protectant spray is a little waterproofing. My shoes still always got stained and scuffed up within the first week of buying them. Then, it was back to the “cleaning and care regimen.”

The other way to proactively protect shoes is to apply a clear protective finish to shoes. IMEO, this is the way to go. Shoe finishes basically form a “skin” over the surface of smooth leather and vinyl shoes that completely waterproofs them, repels dirt and stains, and can even prevent shoes from getting scuffed! The best part is: a good clear coat finish on a pair of shoes can last for months, even years – keeping them clean and looking new for A LOT longer! via