SKUFF Keeps Your Nike Sneakers Fresh and Clean for Longer!

How to Keep Your Nike Jordan Air Force Max Sneakers Fresh and Clean!

SKUFF Keeps Your Nike Jordans and Air Force Sneakers Fresh and Clean for Longer!

Have you ever scuffed your Nikes on a curb?  If you’ve ever worn them, then you have.  And, what do you do when they’re scuffed?  Try fixing them and just watch where you walk – clean them later.  Now, you can protect them…

When it comes to my sneakers, I’m quite particular.  One could say, “Nike is at the top of the game” when it comes to sneakers.  What does it mean?  It means sneakers mean a lot to people when they’re that good!  And, so you want them to stay looking brand new, right?!  Well, you can do that!  Either by watching where you walk and constantly cleaning them, or by protecting them from water, dirt, stains, and scuffs and stuff.  The only way to do that is with SKUFF…

SKUFF is a clear coat finish for shoes – developed by engineers to protect sneakers – that you can apply to your Nikes, to waterproof them, repel dirt and stains, and even protect them from scuff marks…yeah…really…

I could of sworn I heard the sneaker culture stop for a moment and go, “really?  Because, if you’ve ever gotten into sneakers, then protection against scuffing your Nikes is like dream come true…It just makes you feel good to know your sneakers won’t get scuffed or dirty – as easy as they do – when you’re just out, “kickin’ it” with SKUFF on sneaks…

So, to the details – SKUFF’s a durable, flexible, and crystal clear, protective finish that forms a “skin” over the surface of your shoes, protecting them and keeping them fresh, clean, and looking new…best part is: it can last for months, even years without you having to reapply it constantly or even clean your shoes.

I mean, SKUFF repels practically all water, dirt, and stains from clinging to you shoes – then, it also gives your sneakers some added protection against the “curbs and corners,” so to speak.  So…what does it all mean?

SKUFF keeps your Nikes looking fresh, clean, and on top of their game – for everyone to see and enjoy.  A true story I call, “How I came up with SKUFF” for you.

I used to get white sneakers and lived in the Midwest.  The two are counterproductive in that climate, because you can’t keep your sneakers clean with snow on the ground.  I tried it for years, just didn’t work.  So, I tried all the products I could find to clean them and keep them looking new.  I even tried sealing them with paint and stuff.  Finally, decided to make my own, slapped a label on it, and set up shop.  That’s it…cut, dry, SKUFF protects your sneakers, I’m out…



How to Polish Shoes Without Shoe Polish!

Polished SKUFF Single Use Freshly Applied to Black Leather Dress Shoe

Here’s how to polish your shoes quickly and easily without shoe polish by using Polished SKUFF!

Traditional wax shoe polishes are smelly, messy and generally unpleasant – especially considering that you have to apply them constantly to maintain a shine!

Very few people actually like polishing shoes using traditional wax shoe polish.  In order to apply them, you should have a rag, a sponge, and a brush for starters – so the price of shoe polish just went from $3 or more for the tin of shoe polish to over $20 with all the accessories.  Next, you need to actually take your time applying the polish, brushing it in, and buffing it to a decent shine.  Then, the shine isn’t always perfect, so you need to do it again and again just to get it right!  Needless to say, each time you apply it, brush it, and buff it, you need to deal with the smell of chemicals and the ever expanding mess of wax all over your hands and clothes.  I’ve ruined at least a few shirts and pants just applying shoe polish to my shoes.  In the end, you’ll have a decent shine on your shoes – for roughly a week, if that – that cost you way more money, time, and effort than it should’ve.

So why waste your time applying shoe polish if it’s that much of hassle?  Good question!  After years of doing it myself, I decided to just stop and invent a completely new way of doing it…

This is ultimately where the vast majority of land – not even bothering to polish their shoes.  It just becomes too time consuming after a while.  But, everyone who’s ever polished their shoes wants their shoes to be polished!  So, what’s the solution: either waste your time and money on traditional shoe polish, or take a entirely different approach all together?  I went with the latter.  Instead of wasting my time, I decided to try something completely different – and ended up creating an entirely new and innovative product in the process.

SKUFF is an entirely new approach to polishing shoes – a glossy finish that’s quick and easy to apply, leaves no unpleasant smell or mess, and can keep shoes shiny and looking new for months, even years from just one application!

SKUFF doesn’t use waxes like traditional polishes.  SKUFF takes a whole different approach.  Instead of using toxic solvents to dissolve waxes which you then apply to shoes, SKUFF uses a water-based proprietary resin technology to apply a protective coating that shines shoes and polishes leather.  SKUFF comes in applicators you can use to apply it quickly and easily with little to no mess in as little as 5 minutes.  Plus, there’s need to continuously polish your shoes week after week, because a single application of SKUFF can last for years at a time.  SKUFF also protects shoes from scuffs, stains, water, dirt, and damage – essentially keeping shoes polished, clean, and looking new for years.

Here’s what you need to do to avoid traditional wax shoe polish and still apply a long lasting, amazing looking shine to your shoes:

  1. (Optional) Check out our What is SKUFF and Benefits section for more info on Polished SKUFF.
  2. Go to our Shop and get some Polished (Blue) SKUFF.
  3. Clean traditional polish from your shoes or leather goods using SKUFF towelettes and/or rubbing alcohol – DO NOT apply SKUFF over traditional polish.
  4. Apply Polished SKUFF evenly to shoes and leather goods using the applicators, the included towelettes, or a sponge lying around from the old days of polishing shoes.  The more coats you apply, the more protection and shine your shoes will have.  I personally apply 3 coats of Polished SKUFF to my dress shoes when I first get them – the shine will last much longer with each additional coat.
  5. Allow SKUFF to dry for a few hours, then go ahead an wear your shoes.
  6. Touch up and clean SKUFF whenever needed.
  7. Try not to get a big head when everyone notices your Polished shoes.

In summary, you can bypass using traditional wax shoe polish altogether – which is smelly, messy, and time consuming – by applying Polished SKUFF which will in turn provide you with a long lasting, amazing looking shine that waterproofs shoes and protects from daily wear and tear.