SKUFF Puts A Long Lasting, Glossy Shine on High Heels!

Woman's High Heel Before and After Polished SKUFF

SKUFF can add a long lasting, amazing looking shine to your high heels!

If it’s high heels you fancy, then you can make your high heels fancy with Polished SKUFF!

With the right shine, a nice pair of heels can get you noticed in a big way.  The right shoes can make or break your outfit, just like the right shine can make or break your shoes.  Polished SKUFF applies an amazing looking, long lasting, glossy shine – that just happens to keep your shoes clean, polished, and looking new for months and even years!

In the past, putting a shine on heels has been dirty and time-consuming!

No girl WANTS to get their hands dirty dealing with traditional polish – but a glossy finish over dress shoes or high heels is pretty appealing to many.  It’s just been a real pain in the neck to do it, just to have the polish wear away after a few days of use.  Well, Polished SKUFF offers you a way to add a (pretty much) permanent shine to your high heels and dress shoes – without the constant need to reapply it.

Now, you can add an glossy finish to high heels that looks amazing and can last for years!

The shine that Polished SKUFF applies make an ordinary pair of heels look amazing.  Better yet, it actually protects them from scuffs, stains, water, and dirt and keeps them clean and looking new.  Best part, this protective shine can last for months on end and even years.  So, if adding a great looking shine to your high heels – that actually keeps shoes clean and lasts longer than anything else out there – is your thing, then Polished SKUFF is for you.

In summary, Polished SKUFF will shine your high heels, protect them from scuffs, stains, water, and dirt, keep them clean and looking new, and last for years on end.  So, your high heels will look better than before and stay looking that way for longer.



The Best Way To Care For Shoes And Leather!

The Best Way to Care for Shoes and Leather Accessories

SKUFF is the best way to care for shoes and leather goods…period!

SKUFF is the best way to care for shoes and leather goods available on the market today!  You can fool around with polishes, conditioners, cleaners, waterproofers, and everything else – or you buy SKUFF and get more than everything else combined for the same price.  SKUFF applies a clear coat to shoes and leather that protects from scuff marks, stains, dirt, water, and wear – essentially keeping shoes clean and looking new for longer.  It’s also the longest lasting shoe shine and leather polish available on the market today.  Did we mention that it lasts for years?  So, you won’t need to buy anything else for your shoes and leather ever again.  SKUFF does everything that everything else does combined plus more and lasts 10X as long for the same price as other products.  It’s really a “no-brainer” after you use it.

Traditional shoe and leather care products use waxes, oils, silicone, and solvents to treat leather.  These products are mostly toxic, they stink, they’re time consuming to apply, they wear off quickly, and they don’t do much in the first place.  Polishes and waterproofers are mainly waxes and silicones dissolved in toxic solvents that you have to continuously apply to shoes and leather to get any benefit at all.  To make it worse, they can’t be used on most new-age synthetic footwear like athletic shoes and sneakers.  We created SKUFF because we were sick and tired of buying products to protect shoes and leather goods with little to no “bang for our buck,” so to speak.

SKUFF takes a new approach to shoe and leather care – it’s based on water and uses a proprietary resin blend to apply a protective coating over the surface of shoes and leather.  Instead of treating shoes and leather, SKUFF resurfaces them to preserve their appearance and condition.  It applies a protective “skin” over the surface of shoes and leather that serves as a barrier against all the daily wear and tear that would otherwise make shoes and leather look old.  Don’t use a wax or silicone dissolved in a toxic solvent!  Use a eco-friendly, non-toxic protective coating dissolved in water!  That’s the difference!  SKUFF is about as different from everything else as night is to day, metaphorically speaking!

SKUFF offers more benefits that every other product on the market combined.  Want to polish your shoes?  You can buy traditional polishes that stink, contain toxic solvents, and last for a few weeks – or you can buy SKUFF that adds a better-looking shine, protects your shoes and leather, keeps them clean and looking new, lasts for years, and costs the same price.  Want to waterproof your leather goods?  You can mist them with a waterproofing spray and have it wear off before the end of your camping trip – or you can buy SKUFF to seal your leather goods from the elements until they go out of fashion!

We’re serious when we say that SKUFF is the best way to care for shoes and leather goods.  For the same price as other products, you can buy SKUFF and get the benefits of everything else out there all in one product.  Plus, it will do more and last for years longer!  No product on the market currently prevents scuff marks on shoes.  Well, SKUFF does!  As a matter of fact, it was created to do so.  By making SKUFF tough enough to protect shoes, you can apply it to almost everything else and it will do an outstanding job!  That means jackets, hats, belts, purses, wallets, furniture, automotive interior, and many other leather goods can all be kept clean and looking new – all because SKUFF was made tough enough to protect shoes.