Waterproofer And Protector For Shoes And Boots!

Waterproofer, Dirt and Stain Repellent, and Protector for Shoes and Boots

SKUFF is the newest and best waterproofer and protector for shoes and boots!

Waterproofing and protection in shoe care hasn’t changed in decades!

The technology used in shoe care hasn’t changed for decades…until recently.  The same technology for waterproofers and protectors has been around for 50+ years!  Using new advances in coatings technology, it’s now possible to apply a clear coat to shoes and boots that waterproofs, repels dirt and stains, and even protects them from scuffs and scratches.

SKUFF is the only product to offer real waterproofing and protection!

If you want real waterproofing and protection for you shoes, boots, and leather accessories, you’ve only got one choice.  Only SKUFF forms a totally waterproof barrier over shoes and accessories with the added protection needed to repel dirt, stains, and actual damage.

Until recently, the only thing you could count on is your shoes getting wet, dirty, and scuffed!

I got a fact for you: shoes start getting worn out as soon as you wear them.  Water soaks through, dirt cakes on, stains sink in, and damage wears out your favorite shoes, boots, and leather accessories on a daily basis.  Really, there hasn’t been anything you could do about it in the past.

SKUFF offers you a real way to waterproof and protect your shoes, boots, and accessories!

SKUFF gives you a way to postpone the inevitable by adding an invisible layer of protection, essentially preserving your stuff in the condition it’s in.  No other product offers you what SKUFF offers – an clear coat finish that provides enough protection to buffer your shoes and accessories from your day-to-day grind.

Forget polishes, waterproofing sprays, and conditioners – apply a protective clear coat!

You see, instead of using a wax polish, silicone waterproofing spray, or oil conditioner – which all absorb and provide little to no protection – SKUFF uses a resin blend that dries to form a clear, flexible and durable, protective finish.  This added layer of defense over the surface seals and preserves shoes, boots, and leather accessories to keep them cleaner and looking new for longer.

SKUFF uses new coating technology to offer more benefits than ever before!

SKUFF was developed by a team of engineers to provide you with the best protection available on the market today.  For example, the same materials used in bulletproof glass and by our military to line aircraft carriers were experimented with in the development of SKUFF!  How’s that for tough!

Store owners and specialists all over have tried and approved SKUFF!

SKUFF has been tested again and again by shoe repair specialists and store owners.  Using their feedback, the composition has been slowly perfected by the team at SKUFF Protective coatings.  Bottle for bottle, SKUFF offers more benefits per buck than anything else in the market today!

It’s because SKUFF does everything that everything else does combined plus more and lasts longer!

Think of it like this – would you rather buy a bunch of products (and the accessories to go with them), or one product that does everything plus more (with everything included) for the same price?  Well, SKUFF waterproofs better than waterproofing sprays, polishes better than polishes, and conditions better than conditioners, and provides you with additional protection against scuff marks all for the same price as any one of the other products.  You decide!

Whoever you are, if you want waterproofing, polish, or protection, SKUFF is the best thing for you in shoe care!

So, if you want to waterproof your boots, shine your dress shoes, or protect your white sneakers from scuff marks, SKUFF is the only product you’ll ever need.  If your into looking good, get SKUFF for the shine.  If your into the outdoors, get SKUFF for the waterproofing.  If you’re into keeping your shoes new, get SKUFF for the protection from scuff marks.  It’s a “no brainer” once you figure out that you’re, not dealing with just another polish or spray – YOU’VE FOUND SKUFF!!!

Try SKUFF and toughen up your stuff!

Are you cheap?  Get a Single Use and try it out for $9.99!  Are you curious?  Get a Sample Pack and try both Polished (glossy) and Original (non-glossy) for $14.99!  Are you convinced?  Get a Multi Use (4X as much) for $19.99!  No matter what you do – get some SKUFF and toughen up your stuff!

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