How to Spit Shine Shoes and Boots in Minutes with SKUFF!

Apply Polished SKUFF for a Long Lasting, Glossy, Military Spit Shine!

In just a few minutes, you can apply a mirror-like, military spit shine to shoes and boots that can last for years – with Polished SKUFF.

Polished SKUFF is a tough, high-shine, protective finish…

Polished SKUFF is a glossy, durable, clear protective finish for shoes and boots.  It’s tough…tough enough to hold up against real terrain, not just normal wear around the barracks.  It’s glossy…it looks like the mirror-shine of an officer’s polished shoes.  It’s clear…it’s virtually invisible on your shoes besides the shine.

SKUFF applies to shoes and boots quickly and easily…

If you’ve ever tried to spit shine your military shoes or boots to a mirror-like shine, then you know it takes a lot of time and practice.  Applying a proper shine to shoes and boots is like polishing a gem.  A “new recruit,” so to speak, will never get it right their first time, and it’ll only get better with time and experience.  On the other hand, Polished SKUFF applies to shoes and boots with no mess in as little as 15 minutes – without any rags, sponges, or brushes to apply it.  Just brush it on, let it dry, and you’re done.

SKUFF can last for years from just one good application…

Shining shoes with traditional shoe polish is not a “do it once and you’re done” type thing – it’s a routine…but shining shoes with Polished SKUFF is.  A good triple coat of Polished SKUFF can keep your military shoes or boots looking like Corfam’s for months, even years on end.

In summary, apply Polished SKUFF to your shoes and boots for a traditional mirror-like military spit shine that lasts longer and is quicker and easier to apply.



SKUFF Keeps Your Shoes Clean And Looking New!

SKUFF Keeps Your New Shoes Clean and Looking New for Longer!

SKUFF Keeps Shoes Cleaner and Looking New for Months, Even Years Longer!

Want to keep your shoes clean and looking new for years? Everyone does! Have you ever gotten a new pair of shoes and tried to keep them clean? It’s almost impossible – new shoes get scuffed, stained, and dirty in no time! For example, it’s a real pain to go out and buy a new white pair of sneakers and see them get ruined the day you buy them…but it always ends up happening.

That’s the exact reason why SKUFF was developed – to keep your shoes clean and looking new for longer! I’ve tried all the shoe care product out there. Even the ones from different countries! I’ve even tried stuff like paints, lacquers, floor coatings, and pipe sealants…and ruined a whole lot of shoes in the process! Nothing ever kept my shoes clean and looking new! It was so frustrating that I decided to go out and make SKUFF myself!

In a nutshell, SKUFF is a clear protective finish for shoes that 1) repels water, dirt, and stains, 2) adds an amazingly long lasting shine to shoes, and most importantly 3) protects shoes from getting riddled with scuff marks. In other words, SKUFF keeps new shoes new and clean for months and even years longer than they would be without it.

When you don’t use SKUFF, you’ll have to watch where you walk at all times to avoid that dreaded first scuff mark. Inevitably, it will end up happening, and you’ll have to resort to a cycle of wearing your shoes and cleaning them day after day to keep them looking alright. This is because they are on your feet – yeah, duh! – bumping up against everything your feet run into – including concrete, dirt, rocks, the gas peddle, your idiot colleagues coffee that he spilled, that annoying piece of gum that someone just had to spit where you were walking so it got stuck on your shoe, grass stains…you get the point…

Wouldn’t you just like to spend $10 bucks, take 15 minutes to apply SKUFF, and forget about your shoes? It’s so much easier than constantly spending money on shoe cleaners and taking the time to use them day in and day out. Or maybe you can try traditional polishes – haha, yeah right! – and get stains all over your fingers and have to deal with the terrible smells and all the accessories that come with them. Needless to say, you’ll have to keep using them to get any benefit at all. What about “protectant” sprays, you ask? Good point! If you’ve ever tried them, you end up scratching your head and wasting more time trying to figure out if they did anything at all than it would take for you to just buy SKUFF. Get the point?

SKUFF applies a clear coat over shoes – similar to the clear coat applied over your cars paint job – that forms a tactile barrier against water, dirt, stains, and even damage like scuff marks and scratches on shoes. There’s also a glossy, Polished version of SKUFF that you can use to apply a durable shine to your shoes that lasts for years without reapplying. SKUFF does everything that everything else out there does combined, lasts 10X as long, and even prevents your shoes from getting scuffed. In other words, SKUFF single-handedly keeps your shoes clean and looking new for years longer.

Too good to be true, you say? Well, you doubt, because you don’t understand: SKUFF uses advanced coating technology instead of waxes or silicone like other products. It actually forms a tough, flexible “skin” over the surface, instead of glazing your shoes with wax (which wears off) or silicone (which is microscopically thin). Get it now?

If you do, then GET IT NOW! Let me say that again – PUT SOME SKUFF IN YOUR SHOPPING CART AND CHECKOUT! Or, go to and buy some there! You can spend $10-$20 on some SKUFF and have it last for the lifetime of your shoes, or you can watch your new $50-$100 shoes get scuffed up, dirty, and stained in a couple weeks and slap yourself in the forehead for not getting SKUFF right now!


SKUFF Uses New Advanced Technology to Protect and Care for Shoes!

SKUFF Uses New and Innovative Technology to Protect and Care for Shoes!

The technology in shoe care has been around for generations and has run its course.

Technology in shoe care hasn’t changed much over the last 100 years.  Waxes and oils have been used to waterproof, condition, and polish shoes for hundreds of years.  They were first industrialized during World War I to waterproof the boots of soldiers in the trenches.  After the World Wars, they became a pillar in the market for shoe care as a means to waterproof and polish shoes.

The next big advance in shoe care came in the 1960′s when silicone treatments were introduced to provide another means of waterproofing and stainproofing shoes.  At first, they were dissolved in toxic chemicals and were not sold commercially.  As technology advanced, silicone and nanoparticle treatments (such as fluoropolymers, etc.) were created and refined to create relatively safe products for consumers.

Today, these two technologies still form the foundation for modern shoe care.  However, neither were created for modern synthetic footwear and neither provide the necessary protection required to protect shoes from scuff marks, stains, and other permanent damage.

Packaging has been the main source of change in shoe care rather than technology.  Traditionally, polishes were applied with rags, sponges, and other accessories – over time they were packaged in bottles, aerosols, and applicators.  The same goes for silicone treatments.  Shoe care is still stuck on old technology even though the technology in shoes has changed drastically.

This is why many true shoe enthusiasts have given up on protecting shoes – and subsequently many people think of shoes as disposable and doomed to degradation and ultimately…the trash can.  But, many people still take shoes very seriously and despite a lack of innovation in the shoe care market, they persist in cleaning and caring for shoes the old fashioned way.

SKUFF uses new advanced material science technology – just to protect your shoes!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to spend your time and effort taking care of your shoes.  For this reason, I set out to create a shoe care product that does everything, all in one, and lasts for years at a time – so I wouldn’t have to keep cleaning and watching where I step with my white sneakers.  I created a product that works on both new age synthetic shoes and traditional leather shoes, adds a shine that can last for years, waterproofs shoes completely, repels dirt and stains, and even prevents permanent damage like scuff marks and scratches.

To do this, I had to look at the newest innovative technology in protection and waterproofing.  This lead me to coatings – the only source of protection durable enough to stand up against everything your shoes kick on a daily basis.  I’ve researched everything from military coatings technology to bulletproof glass to the coatings you apply to truck beds and garage floors.  I’ve settled on a specific formulation – a mix of several different technologies used in other industries to provide maximum protection.  All this to keep your shoes clean and looking new.

In the end, I settled on a clear protective finish, applied similar to paint, that dries to form a tough and flexible “skin” over the surface of shoes – and called it SKUFF.  SKUFF forms a barrier over shoes that protects the materials underneath from water, dirt, staining liquids, and even scuff marks.  That way, the materials underneath stay in their original condition for longer, and since SKUFF is clear, shoes stay clean and looking new.  Get it?

This is a totally new approach to shoe care, that IMPO hasn’t been taking seriously enough.  With SKUFF, you can potentially shine your dress shoes when you get them, and have them stay shiny and looking new for years at a time.  With SKUFF, you can apply a finish to your hiking boots that not only protects against rocks and dirt, but completely waterproofs your boots so your feet stay completely dry even walking through water and mud.  With SKUFF, you can get a new pair of white sneakers and have them stay white, without cleaning them or watching where you walk, and even prevent the (seemingly inevitable) scuff marks on the front toe area.

In conclusion, SKUFF is the best shoe care product you can buy – for any shoes, any color, anytime, anywhere, period.  I’ve tried almost every shoe care product available to an American citizen and decided to create my own product, because none of them lived up to my high expectations.  For people who care about the way their shoes look, SKUFF is the holy grail.  All I want is for my customers to be happy with their purchase, and appreciate the fruits of my labor as I do.  If you have any questions or want to speak with the inventor (me), just go to our Contact Us and shoot me a message or give me a call.  I’m here to answer any questions you have.

Thanks for reading my rather long rant on shoe care.


What is SKUFF Protective Coatings?

SKUFF is a clear protective finish that keeps shoes clean and looking new

The Problem

When you buy a new pair of shoes, it’s almost impossible to keep them clean and looking new.  They seem to get scuffed, stained, and dirty within the first week.

Wax polishes and silicone sprays hardly do anything to protect shoes, and need to be constantly applied for any benefit.  Even with a daily regimen of shoe cleaning and care, nothing protects shoes from scuff marks.  This is a huge problem for people who care about the way their shoes look.

If you want to keep your shoes clean and looking new, you need to devote your time and effort to clean and care for them – and you’re still not assured they will stay that way.

The Solution

Put simply: SKUFF Protective Coatings, or SKUFF for short.  SKUFF is a clear protective finish for shoes that waterproofs, adds a long lasting shine, and protects against scuff marks to keep your shoes clean and looking new for months, even years.

SKUFF comes in squeeze tube applicators with sponge applicator tips for applying.  Each applicator comes with SKUFF Towelettes for cleaning shoes, aiding in applying, and even removing and touching up SKUFF as it deteriorates over time. Together, they form an all-in-one solution for cleaning and caring for shoes.

When you use SKUFF, you apply a semi-permanent, clear, flexible, and durable protective finish to shoes – similar to the clear coat over a car’s paint job.  Other products use waxes and silicones to temporarily add a shine or waterproof shoes.  SKUFF uses a resin that dries to form a tough, flexible, and clear protective “skin” over the surface of shoes that lasts for years.

By applying a clear protective finish to your shoes, you can protect them from scuff marks, repel water, dirt, and stains, and add a shine that lasts months or even years longer.  In other words, SKUFF is an all-in-one product that offers you all the benefits of all other shoe care products combined plus the added protection for shoes against scuff marks.  Best part is: you can apply it once in the same amount of time it takes to use other products – which cost the same – and it has the potential to last 10X as long.  In the end, SKUFF saves you the time, effort and money you would spend on more new shoes and other shoe care products.

Take a look at the Comparison Chart below for a summary of SKUFF’s benefits versus other products.

SKUFF Shoe Care Product Alternatives Comparison Chart


Waterproofer And Protector For Shoes And Boots!

Waterproofer, Dirt and Stain Repellent, and Protector for Shoes and Boots

SKUFF is the newest and best waterproofer and protector for shoes and boots!

Waterproofing and protection in shoe care hasn’t changed in decades!

The technology used in shoe care hasn’t changed for decades…until recently.  The same technology for waterproofers and protectors has been around for 50+ years!  Using new advances in coatings technology, it’s now possible to apply a clear coat to shoes and boots that waterproofs, repels dirt and stains, and even protects them from scuffs and scratches.

SKUFF is the only product to offer real waterproofing and protection!

If you want real waterproofing and protection for you shoes, boots, and leather accessories, you’ve only got one choice.  Only SKUFF forms a totally waterproof barrier over shoes and accessories with the added protection needed to repel dirt, stains, and actual damage.

Until recently, the only thing you could count on is your shoes getting wet, dirty, and scuffed!

I got a fact for you: shoes start getting worn out as soon as you wear them.  Water soaks through, dirt cakes on, stains sink in, and damage wears out your favorite shoes, boots, and leather accessories on a daily basis.  Really, there hasn’t been anything you could do about it in the past.

SKUFF offers you a real way to waterproof and protect your shoes, boots, and accessories!

SKUFF gives you a way to postpone the inevitable by adding an invisible layer of protection, essentially preserving your stuff in the condition it’s in.  No other product offers you what SKUFF offers – an clear coat finish that provides enough protection to buffer your shoes and accessories from your day-to-day grind.

Forget polishes, waterproofing sprays, and conditioners – apply a protective clear coat!

You see, instead of using a wax polish, silicone waterproofing spray, or oil conditioner – which all absorb and provide little to no protection – SKUFF uses a resin blend that dries to form a clear, flexible and durable, protective finish.  This added layer of defense over the surface seals and preserves shoes, boots, and leather accessories to keep them cleaner and looking new for longer.

SKUFF uses new coating technology to offer more benefits than ever before!

SKUFF was developed by a team of engineers to provide you with the best protection available on the market today.  For example, the same materials used in bulletproof glass and by our military to line aircraft carriers were experimented with in the development of SKUFF!  How’s that for tough!

Store owners and specialists all over have tried and approved SKUFF!

SKUFF has been tested again and again by shoe repair specialists and store owners.  Using their feedback, the composition has been slowly perfected by the team at SKUFF Protective coatings.  Bottle for bottle, SKUFF offers more benefits per buck than anything else in the market today!

It’s because SKUFF does everything that everything else does combined plus more and lasts longer!

Think of it like this – would you rather buy a bunch of products (and the accessories to go with them), or one product that does everything plus more (with everything included) for the same price?  Well, SKUFF waterproofs better than waterproofing sprays, polishes better than polishes, and conditions better than conditioners, and provides you with additional protection against scuff marks all for the same price as any one of the other products.  You decide!

Whoever you are, if you want waterproofing, polish, or protection, SKUFF is the best thing for you in shoe care!

So, if you want to waterproof your boots, shine your dress shoes, or protect your white sneakers from scuff marks, SKUFF is the only product you’ll ever need.  If your into looking good, get SKUFF for the shine.  If your into the outdoors, get SKUFF for the waterproofing.  If you’re into keeping your shoes new, get SKUFF for the protection from scuff marks.  It’s a “no brainer” once you figure out that you’re, not dealing with just another polish or spray – YOU’VE FOUND SKUFF!!!

Try SKUFF and toughen up your stuff!

Are you cheap?  Get a Single Use and try it out for $9.99!  Are you curious?  Get a Sample Pack and try both Polished (glossy) and Original (non-glossy) for $14.99!  Are you convinced?  Get a Multi Use (4X as much) for $19.99!  No matter what you do – get some SKUFF and toughen up your stuff!


SKUFF Puts A Long Lasting, Glossy Shine on High Heels!

Woman's High Heel Before and After Polished SKUFF

SKUFF can add a long lasting, amazing looking shine to your high heels!

If it’s high heels you fancy, then you can make your high heels fancy with Polished SKUFF!

With the right shine, a nice pair of heels can get you noticed in a big way.  The right shoes can make or break your outfit, just like the right shine can make or break your shoes.  Polished SKUFF applies an amazing looking, long lasting, glossy shine – that just happens to keep your shoes clean, polished, and looking new for months and even years!

In the past, putting a shine on heels has been dirty and time-consuming!

No girl WANTS to get their hands dirty dealing with traditional polish – but a glossy finish over dress shoes or high heels is pretty appealing to many.  It’s just been a real pain in the neck to do it, just to have the polish wear away after a few days of use.  Well, Polished SKUFF offers you a way to add a (pretty much) permanent shine to your high heels and dress shoes – without the constant need to reapply it.

Now, you can add an glossy finish to high heels that looks amazing and can last for years!

The shine that Polished SKUFF applies make an ordinary pair of heels look amazing.  Better yet, it actually protects them from scuffs, stains, water, and dirt and keeps them clean and looking new.  Best part, this protective shine can last for months on end and even years.  So, if adding a great looking shine to your high heels – that actually keeps shoes clean and lasts longer than anything else out there – is your thing, then Polished SKUFF is for you.

In summary, Polished SKUFF will shine your high heels, protect them from scuffs, stains, water, and dirt, keep them clean and looking new, and last for years on end.  So, your high heels will look better than before and stay looking that way for longer.



The Best Way To Care For Shoes And Leather!

The Best Way to Care for Shoes and Leather Accessories

SKUFF is the best way to care for shoes and leather goods…period!

SKUFF is the best way to care for shoes and leather goods available on the market today!  You can fool around with polishes, conditioners, cleaners, waterproofers, and everything else – or you buy SKUFF and get more than everything else combined for the same price.  SKUFF applies a clear coat to shoes and leather that protects from scuff marks, stains, dirt, water, and wear – essentially keeping shoes clean and looking new for longer.  It’s also the longest lasting shoe shine and leather polish available on the market today.  Did we mention that it lasts for years?  So, you won’t need to buy anything else for your shoes and leather ever again.  SKUFF does everything that everything else does combined plus more and lasts 10X as long for the same price as other products.  It’s really a “no-brainer” after you use it.

Traditional shoe and leather care products use waxes, oils, silicone, and solvents to treat leather.  These products are mostly toxic, they stink, they’re time consuming to apply, they wear off quickly, and they don’t do much in the first place.  Polishes and waterproofers are mainly waxes and silicones dissolved in toxic solvents that you have to continuously apply to shoes and leather to get any benefit at all.  To make it worse, they can’t be used on most new-age synthetic footwear like athletic shoes and sneakers.  We created SKUFF because we were sick and tired of buying products to protect shoes and leather goods with little to no “bang for our buck,” so to speak.

SKUFF takes a new approach to shoe and leather care – it’s based on water and uses a proprietary resin blend to apply a protective coating over the surface of shoes and leather.  Instead of treating shoes and leather, SKUFF resurfaces them to preserve their appearance and condition.  It applies a protective “skin” over the surface of shoes and leather that serves as a barrier against all the daily wear and tear that would otherwise make shoes and leather look old.  Don’t use a wax or silicone dissolved in a toxic solvent!  Use a eco-friendly, non-toxic protective coating dissolved in water!  That’s the difference!  SKUFF is about as different from everything else as night is to day, metaphorically speaking!

SKUFF offers more benefits that every other product on the market combined.  Want to polish your shoes?  You can buy traditional polishes that stink, contain toxic solvents, and last for a few weeks – or you can buy SKUFF that adds a better-looking shine, protects your shoes and leather, keeps them clean and looking new, lasts for years, and costs the same price.  Want to waterproof your leather goods?  You can mist them with a waterproofing spray and have it wear off before the end of your camping trip – or you can buy SKUFF to seal your leather goods from the elements until they go out of fashion!

We’re serious when we say that SKUFF is the best way to care for shoes and leather goods.  For the same price as other products, you can buy SKUFF and get the benefits of everything else out there all in one product.  Plus, it will do more and last for years longer!  No product on the market currently prevents scuff marks on shoes.  Well, SKUFF does!  As a matter of fact, it was created to do so.  By making SKUFF tough enough to protect shoes, you can apply it to almost everything else and it will do an outstanding job!  That means jackets, hats, belts, purses, wallets, furniture, automotive interior, and many other leather goods can all be kept clean and looking new – all because SKUFF was made tough enough to protect shoes.