How to Spit Shine Shoes and Boots in Minutes with SKUFF!

Apply Polished SKUFF for a Long Lasting, Glossy, Military Spit Shine!

In just a few minutes, you can apply a mirror-like, military spit shine to shoes and boots that can last for years – with Polished SKUFF.

Polished SKUFF is a tough, high-shine, protective finish…

Polished SKUFF is a glossy, durable, clear protective finish for shoes and boots.  It’s tough…tough enough to hold up against real terrain, not just normal wear around the barracks.  It’s glossy…it looks like the mirror-shine of an officer’s polished shoes.  It’s clear…it’s virtually invisible on your shoes besides the shine.

SKUFF applies to shoes and boots quickly and easily…

If you’ve ever tried to spit shine your military shoes or boots to a mirror-like shine, then you know it takes a lot of time and practice.  Applying a proper shine to shoes and boots is like polishing a gem.  A “new recruit,” so to speak, will never get it right their first time, and it’ll only get better with time and experience.  On the other hand, Polished SKUFF applies to shoes and boots with no mess in as little as 15 minutes – without any rags, sponges, or brushes to apply it.  Just brush it on, let it dry, and you’re done.

SKUFF can last for years from just one good application…

Shining shoes with traditional shoe polish is not a “do it once and you’re done” type thing – it’s a routine…but shining shoes with Polished SKUFF is.  A good triple coat of Polished SKUFF can keep your military shoes or boots looking like Corfam’s for months, even years on end.

In summary, apply Polished SKUFF to your shoes and boots for a traditional mirror-like military spit shine that lasts longer and is quicker and easier to apply.



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