SKUFF Keeps Your Shoes Clean And Looking New!

SKUFF Keeps Your New Shoes Clean and Looking New for Longer!

SKUFF Keeps Shoes Cleaner and Looking New for Months, Even Years Longer!

Want to keep your shoes clean and looking new for years? Everyone does! Have you ever gotten a new pair of shoes and tried to keep them clean? It’s almost impossible – new shoes get scuffed, stained, and dirty in no time! For example, it’s a real pain to go out and buy a new white pair of sneakers and see them get ruined the day you buy them…but it always ends up happening.

That’s the exact reason why SKUFF was developed – to keep your shoes clean and looking new for longer! I’ve tried all the shoe care product out there. Even the ones from different countries! I’ve even tried stuff like paints, lacquers, floor coatings, and pipe sealants…and ruined a whole lot of shoes in the process! Nothing ever kept my shoes clean and looking new! It was so frustrating that I decided to go out and make SKUFF myself!

In a nutshell, SKUFF is a clear protective finish for shoes that 1) repels water, dirt, and stains, 2) adds an amazingly long lasting shine to shoes, and most importantly 3) protects shoes from getting riddled with scuff marks. In other words, SKUFF keeps new shoes new and clean for months and even years longer than they would be without it.

When you don’t use SKUFF, you’ll have to watch where you walk at all times to avoid that dreaded first scuff mark. Inevitably, it will end up happening, and you’ll have to resort to a cycle of wearing your shoes and cleaning them day after day to keep them looking alright. This is because they are on your feet – yeah, duh! – bumping up against everything your feet run into – including concrete, dirt, rocks, the gas peddle, your idiot colleagues coffee that he spilled, that annoying piece of gum that someone just had to spit where you were walking so it got stuck on your shoe, grass stains…you get the point…

Wouldn’t you just like to spend $10 bucks, take 15 minutes to apply SKUFF, and forget about your shoes? It’s so much easier than constantly spending money on shoe cleaners and taking the time to use them day in and day out. Or maybe you can try traditional polishes – haha, yeah right! – and get stains all over your fingers and have to deal with the terrible smells and all the accessories that come with them. Needless to say, you’ll have to keep using them to get any benefit at all. What about “protectant” sprays, you ask? Good point! If you’ve ever tried them, you end up scratching your head and wasting more time trying to figure out if they did anything at all than it would take for you to just buy SKUFF. Get the point?

SKUFF applies a clear coat over shoes – similar to the clear coat applied over your cars paint job – that forms a tactile barrier against water, dirt, stains, and even damage like scuff marks and scratches on shoes. There’s also a glossy, Polished version of SKUFF that you can use to apply a durable shine to your shoes that lasts for years without reapplying. SKUFF does everything that everything else out there does combined, lasts 10X as long, and even prevents your shoes from getting scuffed. In other words, SKUFF single-handedly keeps your shoes clean and looking new for years longer.

Too good to be true, you say? Well, you doubt, because you don’t understand: SKUFF uses advanced coating technology instead of waxes or silicone like other products. It actually forms a tough, flexible “skin” over the surface, instead of glazing your shoes with wax (which wears off) or silicone (which is microscopically thin). Get it now?

If you do, then GET IT NOW! Let me say that again – PUT SOME SKUFF IN YOUR SHOPPING CART AND CHECKOUT! Or, go to and buy some there! You can spend $10-$20 on some SKUFF and have it last for the lifetime of your shoes, or you can watch your new $50-$100 shoes get scuffed up, dirty, and stained in a couple weeks and slap yourself in the forehead for not getting SKUFF right now!


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