SKUFF Uses New Advanced Technology to Protect and Care for Shoes!

SKUFF Uses New and Innovative Technology to Protect and Care for Shoes!

The technology in shoe care has been around for generations and has run its course.

Technology in shoe care hasn’t changed much over the last 100 years.  Waxes and oils have been used to waterproof, condition, and polish shoes for hundreds of years.  They were first industrialized during World War I to waterproof the boots of soldiers in the trenches.  After the World Wars, they became a pillar in the market for shoe care as a means to waterproof and polish shoes.

The next big advance in shoe care came in the 1960′s when silicone treatments were introduced to provide another means of waterproofing and stainproofing shoes.  At first, they were dissolved in toxic chemicals and were not sold commercially.  As technology advanced, silicone and nanoparticle treatments (such as fluoropolymers, etc.) were created and refined to create relatively safe products for consumers.

Today, these two technologies still form the foundation for modern shoe care.  However, neither were created for modern synthetic footwear and neither provide the necessary protection required to protect shoes from scuff marks, stains, and other permanent damage.

Packaging has been the main source of change in shoe care rather than technology.  Traditionally, polishes were applied with rags, sponges, and other accessories – over time they were packaged in bottles, aerosols, and applicators.  The same goes for silicone treatments.  Shoe care is still stuck on old technology even though the technology in shoes has changed drastically.

This is why many true shoe enthusiasts have given up on protecting shoes – and subsequently many people think of shoes as disposable and doomed to degradation and ultimately…the trash can.  But, many people still take shoes very seriously and despite a lack of innovation in the shoe care market, they persist in cleaning and caring for shoes the old fashioned way.

SKUFF uses new advanced material science technology – just to protect your shoes!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to spend your time and effort taking care of your shoes.  For this reason, I set out to create a shoe care product that does everything, all in one, and lasts for years at a time – so I wouldn’t have to keep cleaning and watching where I step with my white sneakers.  I created a product that works on both new age synthetic shoes and traditional leather shoes, adds a shine that can last for years, waterproofs shoes completely, repels dirt and stains, and even prevents permanent damage like scuff marks and scratches.

To do this, I had to look at the newest innovative technology in protection and waterproofing.  This lead me to coatings – the only source of protection durable enough to stand up against everything your shoes kick on a daily basis.  I’ve researched everything from military coatings technology to bulletproof glass to the coatings you apply to truck beds and garage floors.  I’ve settled on a specific formulation – a mix of several different technologies used in other industries to provide maximum protection.  All this to keep your shoes clean and looking new.

In the end, I settled on a clear protective finish, applied similar to paint, that dries to form a tough and flexible “skin” over the surface of shoes – and called it SKUFF.  SKUFF forms a barrier over shoes that protects the materials underneath from water, dirt, staining liquids, and even scuff marks.  That way, the materials underneath stay in their original condition for longer, and since SKUFF is clear, shoes stay clean and looking new.  Get it?

This is a totally new approach to shoe care, that IMPO hasn’t been taking seriously enough.  With SKUFF, you can potentially shine your dress shoes when you get them, and have them stay shiny and looking new for years at a time.  With SKUFF, you can apply a finish to your hiking boots that not only protects against rocks and dirt, but completely waterproofs your boots so your feet stay completely dry even walking through water and mud.  With SKUFF, you can get a new pair of white sneakers and have them stay white, without cleaning them or watching where you walk, and even prevent the (seemingly inevitable) scuff marks on the front toe area.

In conclusion, SKUFF is the best shoe care product you can buy – for any shoes, any color, anytime, anywhere, period.  I’ve tried almost every shoe care product available to an American citizen and decided to create my own product, because none of them lived up to my high expectations.  For people who care about the way their shoes look, SKUFF is the holy grail.  All I want is for my customers to be happy with their purchase, and appreciate the fruits of my labor as I do.  If you have any questions or want to speak with the inventor (me), just go to our Contact Us and shoot me a message or give me a call.  I’m here to answer any questions you have.

Thanks for reading my rather long rant on shoe care.


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