Stylish Shoes

SKUFF works on canvas, denim, mesh, and more…

I just wanted to make that comment.  I made a quick search on Flickr for some shoes, and picked these ones out quick…because I want to say, SKUFF works on canvas and denim shoes.

I’ve gotten this question from a few people at least: does it work on canvas shoes?  The answer is yes.

When applying SKUFF, it will sink into “material” shoes a little more than it would “natural or synthetic leather” ones.  That means you’ll have to apply more, but it will have better adhesion and actually provide MORE protection!

Also, SKUFF will make them completely waterproof and seal the material, so the colors never spoil from stains or dirt.  You’ll be able to wipe off dirt and stains instead of having them sink in…because SKUFF sunk in first and protects your canvas, denim, and mesh shoes.

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